Industry Information & Economic Impact

Key to knowing where our industry is headed is knowing where we came from. Breweries, wineries, cideries, and distilleries all have roots in Michigan agricultural and economic history. Capturing the story of progress is vital, as captured by the following resources:

Craft Beer as a Means of Economic Development; Economic Impact Analysis of the Michigan Value Chain (PDF)

Craft Spirits Data Project, American Craft Spirits Association (PDF)

Economic Impact Report of the Michigan Wine & Cider Industry, 2017 Full Report (PDF)

Infographic - Economic Impact of Michigan Wine & Cider Industry, 2017 (PDF)

American Viticultural Area (AVA) map of Michigan, 2016 Graphic (PDF)

2016-2019 Grape Inventory Report USDA-NASS (PDF)

Annual Statistics Bulletin - USDA

Michigan Brewery Resources and News

Hard Cider and Perry Industry Growing Across the United States

This is the official website of the Michigan Craft Beverage Council. The Council has the mission to provide for research into Michigan agricultural products, such as fruits, hops and barley that are used in the production of Michigan wine, cider, beer, spirits and mixed spirit drinks.