Qualified Distiller Certificate

The Qualified Small Distiller Certificate is available to Michigan small distillers and equivalent out-of-state distillers who are committed to using at least 40% Michigan-grown and harvested grain in their base distillate. The certificate is the first step in adjusting the gross profit that a small distiller returns to the MLCC. While the application period for this certificate has ended, the program still exists! Learn more by visiting, https://www.michigan.gov/mdard....

Qualified Small Distiller Certificate Application and Renewal

The 2025 Qualified Small Distiller Certificate application period is May 13 - June 14, 2024, closing promptly at 5:00pm on June 14, 2024. Upon receipt of the form by MDARD, applicants will receive an email from MDARD-QualifiedDistiller@michigan.gov with an invoice for $500.00 which must be paid within 10 business days. All applicants will receive an invoice by June 17, 2024. If applicants do not receive an invoice within seven business days, contact Jenelle Jagmin at 517-930-0696.

The annual application must be renewed each year on July 1.

Qualified Distiller Certification Additional Information

Contact information, FAQ's, and more can be found on MDARD's page for the Qualified Distiller Certificate