Summary, Goals, & Mission Statement

Commitment Statement

"We commit to cultivating a deep understanding of the industry, harnessing the power of collective strength to navigate the ever-evolving landscape and fosters a brand that transcends individuals, igniting unparalleled value creation."

Strategic Plan Summary

The Michigan Craft Beverage Council (MCBC) is a 10-member, governor-appointed board that is advisory to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Council facilitates research, promotion, and agricultural business development efforts, supporting connections that are vital to a unique supply chain. The spirit of collaboration drives Council activities, with the goal of unifying and uplifting Michigan’s craft beverage industry now and for the future.

The Council convened in October 2023 to engage in strategic thinking activities with the goal of answering the question: what is the Michigan Craft Beverage Council uniquely positioned to do to advance our craft beverage industry? Comprised of industry leaders, Council members defined, categorized, and prioritized ideas represented in the new, 3-year strategic plan.

The Michigan Craft Beverage Council recognizes the role of the craft beverage industry in Michigan’s agricultural landscape, the state’s economy, urban and rural community development, the tourism sector, our Great Lakes ecosystem, and the inclusion of our greatest asset, the people of Michigan.

Our six strategic priorities are:

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The goals, and their respective objectives, below are part of the new 3-year strategic plan that was highlighted in the summary portion.

Goal 1: Continue to build an understanding of a dynamic industry

Goal 2: Cultivate partnerships to amplify our relevance

Goal 3: Drive the narrative to build and promote our brand

Goal 4: Allocate resources strategically

Mission Statement

The mission of the Michigan Craft Beverage Council is to advance a well-connected craft beverage industry through research, promotion, and agricultural business development, reinforcing Michigan as a world-class craft beverage destination.