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Rob Sirrine

The Michigan Craft Beverage Council (MCBC) provided multi-year funding for our research proposal entitled: “Investigating the Terroir-Influenced Quality Attributes of Hops”. With MCBC support, we were able to source Chinook hops from farms in Washington, Oregon, northwest Michigan, and southeast Michigan. Based upon biochemical profiling and descriptive sensory analysis we found that there were indeed distinct terroir-influenced hop quality attributes based on growing location. Additionally, we found that terroir-influenced hop quality attributes resulted in dry-hopped beers with unique organoleptic properties. Michigan hop producers have the opportunity to promote the unique brewing characteristics of Michigan-grown hops. We are excited to continue research that supports Michigan hop producers.

Project partners: Cambium Analytica, Founders Brewing Co., Silver Spruce Brewing Co., and Michigan hop growers

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Rob Sirrine