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Nicole Shriner, PhD

Grants from the Michigan Craft Beverage Council include building an infrastructure to start and improve the fermented beverage analysis lab which supports data collection for craft industry members. Analysis is completed via a fee for service lab. Samples can be anything from raw materials to final product. A second project involves diacetyl metabolism in fruit beers. It has been seen at various breweries that the addition of raspberries, cherries and other fruits have an unpredictable impact on diacetyl production in fruit beers. This research is exciting as it will give insight to breweries around the country on how to predict diacetyl in fruit beers, as well as how to handle fruit selection and addition in the future. Lastly, a project will grow and analyze several varieties of corn grown in Michigan. Each corn will be made into a whiskey via a standard distillation method. This research will give insight to distillers in Michigan who are looking to diversify flavors from raw materials via Michigan grown corn.

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Nicole Shriner

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