Upcycling Brewing Spent Grain Waste into Value Added Commercial Ingredients of Practical Use to the Food and Beverage Industry

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ISGPs were manufactured from BSGs sourced from Saugatuck Brewing Company’s Kalamazoo location, and were further processed in a stepwise process to dehydrate the ISGPs to low moisture food ingredients and key microbial and nutrient levels were tested. We were able to manufacture ISGPs that were whole grain style as well as a ground as a flour. The grain style and flour style ISGP behave differently in formulations. They had moisture content of under 5% and a nutrient profile of 2.6% fat, 40% fiber, 21% protein and 36.4% other carbohydrates/ash and moisture.

Focus was dedicated to two drying technologies instead of three as originally planned. This was primarily to allow us to divert costs associated with one of the drying methods to more detailed microbial testing and downstream production scale food processing use of the ISGP. Drying processes investigated were a two-step process used in series. The first was pressing, using equipment typically used for fruit juice extraction for initial extraction and the second was rack oven thermal processing common to commercial bakeries, to get to final shelf stable moisture.

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