Pesticide Research for Sustainability in Michigan Vineyards

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Best Practices, Sustainability
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We proposed to collect toxicity information for risk ranking of 71 ingredients in 59 pesticides for managing three diseases: grape berry moth, powdery mildew and downy mildew. We collected toxicity values for humans, fish, birds, bees, and other animals and insects of 77 active ingredients and 66 pesticides. A database has been designed for collecting 400 variables for each pesticide product. Thirty-eight pesticides have sufficient toxicity and exposure data to derive reliable risk values for human health. We have ranked the risk for dietary exposure and worker’s exposure, including oral risk, dermal risk and inhalation risk. We have developed methods for aggregating the risk of ingestion, dermal, and inhalation exposure. We have ranked the risk values for bees and the toxicity values for fish and birds.

View: Chou Final Report (PDF)

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