On-going Investigation of Winter Hardiness to Advance Winter Malting Barley as a Climate Adaptation Strategy in Michigan

Research Date
James DeDecker
Best Practices, Climate Change, Product Development
Crop Categories
Beverage Categories
Beer, Spirits

In 2022-23, our team received support from Michigan Craft Beverage Council to continue investigating winter hardiness in malting barley as a climate adaptation strategy. We conducted a hybrid field and laboratory study to assess the interaction of winter barley genetics with environmental conditions across Michigan and their combined effect on winter barley hardiness. Results from our second year of research point to promising winter hardy varieties and the important role that early planting, fall hardening and insulating snow cover play in protecting the crop. Further research is needed to fully assess the physiological mechanisms driving species/variety differences in winter hardiness.

View: CB 22 1560 Final Technical Report (PDF)

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