Monitoring Statewide Grapevine Cold Hardiness Evaluations for Developing the Michigan Grapevine Cold Hardiness Model

Research Date
Esmaeil Nasrollahiazar
Best Practices, Climate Change, Product Development
Crop Categories

The Michigan wine industry's growth has significantly contributed to the state's economy. However, challenges such as cold hardiness impact grapevine survival and fruit quality. This

report covers the first year of a five‐year project that aims to monitor grapevine bud cold hardiness and develop the Michigan Grapevine Cold Hardiness Model (MGCHM). The objectives for this initial year included collectng environmental data, such as growing degree days (GDD), temperature, light intensity, low‐temperature exotherm (LTE), and differential thermal analysis (DTA) data, and working towards the development of Cold Hardiness Algorithms and the MGCHM.

View: Final Technical Report Abstract (PDF)

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