Michigan Vineyard IPM Extension Program

Research Date
Rufus Isaacs, Keith Mason, Annemiek Schilder, Thomas Todaro, Joy Landis
Best Practices, Crop Quality, Pest Management
Crop Categories
Beverage Categories

This focus of this project was to demonstrate IPM techniques to the Michigan grape industry using a combination of demonstration vineyards, electronic scouting updates, formal presentations and hands-on workshops. This included using insect and disease scouting to provide timely information for growers to help them make management decisions. This project also provided training on how to use IPM tactics such as mass trapping to help reduce chemical inputs while still managing the vineyard effectively. A particular focus of this training was placed on detection and management of insect and disease problems in the period around harvest.

View: Michigan Vineyard IPM Extension Program 2018 (PDF)

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