Michigan Vineyard IPM Extension Program

Research Date
Rufus Isaacs, Keith Mason, Annemiek Schilder, Brad Baughman, Duke Elsner, Joy Landis
Best Practices, Crop Quality, Disease Management, Pest Management
Crop Categories
Beverage Categories

The results of this project have demonstrated that reduced-risk pesticides can be successfully integrated into commercial grape production in Michigan while maintaining effective insect and disease management. In some cases better pest control was achieved compared to broad-spectrum pesticides. In addition, the use of regular insect and disease scouting allows for better timing of pesticide sprays, reducing the number of unnecessary sprays. Biweekly scouting summaries using the data collected in this study were published on MSU Extension Grapes News and are now archived at www.grapes.msu.edu.

These summaries highlighted current scouting information from southwest and northwest Michigan and were delivered with timely articles on insect and disease management topics. Results from this and related studies were presented at grape workshops in southwest and northwest Michigan during the growing season. Workshops provided information on current insect and disease topics as well as cultural controls such as tillage for ground floor management in vineyards. Presentations at winter grower meetings including the Great Lakes EXPO and MSU Horticulture Days reinforced the information delivered during the summer.

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