Fermented Beverage Analysis Lab at Michigan State University

Research Date
Nicole Shriner

In order to compete with national brands, Michigan products need to be of the highest quality and consistency. Quality control and quality assurance rely on data collection. However, sophisticated data collection is lacking due to expensive technology, as well as dedicated trained personnel and time needed to perform key analyses. The goal of this project was to support new equipment and maintenance to create an analysis lab to bridge the gap between growers, producers, and important data collection. This project supported the increase in lab capabilities by adding several pieces of equipment including a mash bath, a headspace GC sampler and a friabilitimeter. Among others, these new pieces of equipment added value to the fermented beverage analysis lab and enabled the creation of a fee for service lab. Samples are now being collected and analyzed for industry members.

View: 20 1793 Technical Report (PDF)

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