Distillation of Flash Détente Condensate for Recovery of Ethyl Acetate and Other Aromas

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Best Practices, Crop Quality
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Profitability in the wine industry is contingent on grape quality, which can be affected by many environmental factors. During some production cycles, grapes become unusable due to these impacts. However, technologies are being developed to remove undesirable attributes of these grapes and to enhance extraction of desirable components. One of these technologies is Flash Détente, or thermovinification. This process allows greater extraction of pigments and fermentable sugars, and the heating process allows enzyme inactivation. In addition to extraction and elimination of undesirable aromas, the process may remove compounds contributing to desirable aromas. Therefore, the proposed work was designed to determine which of the desirable aroma generating compounds were extracted and if it were possible to recover them. Desirable compounds and aroma producing compounds with lower boiling points, such as ethyl acetate, tended to be collected in the first 10% of the distillation fractions. Therefore, future work in this area could focus its attention on recovery of desirable compounds on the earliest fractions produced by the process.

View: Distillation of Flash Détente Condensate for Recovery of Ethyl (PDF)

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