Developing Methods for Use of Own-Rooted Vitis Vinifera Vines in Michigan Vineyards

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Thomas J. Zabadal
Best Practices, Crop Quality, Disease Management, Pest Management
Crop Categories
Beverage Categories

Wine grape varieties of the species Vitis vinifera are recognized worldwide for producing the very highest wine quality. Recently, the chemical control of root Phylloxera has provided an alternative to grafting for controlling this pest on V. vinifera vines. This project evaluated that option along with methods for the rapid establishment of own-rooted V. vinifera grapevines. Results to date have indicated as little as a two-year period for establishment of productive own-rooted Vitis vinifera vines. The greatest advantage of this technology may occur when very cold tender Vitis vinifera varieties are planted in Michigan. In 2016 own-rooted cuttings of the varieties Merlot and Sauvignon blanc were planted and treated with spirotetramat. Further evaluation is needed to determine if this technology can provide sustainable Vitis vinifera productivity.

View: Developing Methods Use of Own rooted Vitis vinifera Vines in Michigan 2016 (PDF)

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