Biology and Management of Grape Mealybug

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Rufus Isaacs, Keith Mason, Annemiek Schilder, Brad Baughman, Duke Elsner
Best Practices, Crop Quality, Disease Management, Pest Management
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Beverage Categories

This two year project focused on understanding the biology of grape mealybug, a vector of Grapevine Leafroll Virus (GLRaV), and then used this knowledge to improve vineyard pest management programs. Mealybug crawlers are active around bud break and they can be monitored using double sided sticky tape. Adult mealybugs were detected at the same time as nymphs, and mealybugs were present throughout season. Two species of ants appear to be more abundant in vineyards with mealybug infestations. Ant baits did not reduce the number of ants or mealybug in treated vineyards, although lower numbers of crawlers and higher numbers of predatory mites were seen early in the season. In an insecticide trial, Movento applied right after bloom appears to be the best option for mealybug control, and adding an additional Movento application does not improve control.

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