Berries & Brews: Understanding the Market and Technological Processing Opportunities of Michigan Grown Fruit in the Craft Beverage Industry

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Momoko Tajiri
Market Research
Crop Categories
Beverage Categories

Use of fruits in craft beverages seem to be on the rise to provide unique flavor and

aroma profiles. In order to promote Michigan-grown fruits in the craft beverage industry,

this project aimed to provide relevant data to help farmers and beverage makers be the

most efficient in their production processes. We were successfully collect the current

fruit usage in Michigan breweries. Also, we developed the analyses protocol to quantify

blueberries flavoring compounds from various flavoring sources (brewer’s extract, fresh

fruits, blueberry juice). Originally planned assessment of multiple processing techniques

were not completed during the project term due to the lack of facility/technician


View: 20 1801 Technical Report (PDF)

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