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Benefits of a Grower Directory

Michigan growers, producers, and specialty crop groups are valued resources for state economic development. By sharing your information, you can help shape and grow the craft beverage industry in Michigan!

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Why should you get listed?

How do you get listed?

  1. Go to the grower directory to see if your farm is already listed. 
  2. If there isn't a listing, submit an entry form to create one!
  3. If you're already listed, but need to make corrections, click Update this Listing.
  4. Send us an email with your correction in the form.

Grower Groups

Specialty crop grower groups can share a CSV file of multiple entities. To learn how, contact: Jenelle Jagmin at . 

Craft Beverage Producers

Why should you use the grower directory?

How do I use the grower directory?

  1. View the grower directory.
  2. Search by crop or a specific sub-variety of crop.
  3. View all of the growers available for that specific search.

The Grower Directory was paid for by the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.