Mitchell's Patch of Blue


65220 COUNTY ROAD 380
Bangor, MI 49013
Van Buren County


Kyle A Mitchell
Blueberry Operations Manager

Farm Categories

Minority Owned

Specialty Crops & Varieties

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We offer 5lb cases, 2lb clamshells, and individual or cases of pints. We offer wholesale options for larger quantities of Organic Blueberries


The year was 1943 when the Mitchell family purchased the plot of land to make their dreams of farming a reality. By 1956, they planted four acres of Jersey Blueberries in Bangor, MI and Mitchell's Patch of Blue was born. Fast-forwarding to present, that dream has expanded to 25 acres, boasting Seven varieties of blueberries. Ran by 6th generation Michigan farmer, 3rd generation blueberry farmer, Kalamazoo Valley Agrifoods & Culinary Arts professor Kyle Mitchell and his wife, Natalie, the farm continues to thrive on the original Mitchell ambition. We are Group GAP certified, and USDA Organic Certified.

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