For Sale: 2021 Lacey Six-Row Spring Barley

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Approximately 2,000 bushel of Lacey six-row malting barley available in Chatham, MI. Lacey was released by the University of Minnesota in 2000 and is a six-row, spring malting barley variety. Six-row barley has traditionally been preferred for spirit production due to its high enzymatic potential. However, Lacey has a pleasant bready/nutty flavor profile when malted, and is competitive with two-row barley on plumpness, extract, and protein (in this case). Asking $7.00/bu starting, with willingness to negotiate on trucking from Chatham, MI. Samples and COA from the MSU Quality Lab available on request, though the quality numbers are also below. Only downside is some wild buckwheat and grass seed that needs to be cleaned out, approximately 2-3%. Protein - 12.7% Moisture - 14.3% Plump - 88.9% Thin - 1.5% Germination Energy (4ml) - 96% Germination Energy (8ml) - 38% Germination Capacity - 97% RVU - 116 DON - 0.31 ppm


James DeDecker
Chatham, MI 49816


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Status: For Sale
Expires: Sep 24, 2022
Approved: Yes

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