Michigan Craft Beverage Council Announces Research Grants for Beer, Hard Cider, Spirits and Wine Production

Council approves a record amount of grant funding support

March 3, 2020

Jenelle Jagmin
Michigan Craft Beverage Council

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan Craft Beverage Council (MCBC) today announced that 14 projects will receive funding through its 2020 research grant program.

MCBC recommended more than $400,000 in project support – the largest annual research contribution from the Council to date. Five of the proposals selected are continuation projects from the 2019 grant program that are all in good standing. In total, MCBC’s competitive grant program received 22 applications requesting more than $800,000.

“These project awards were identified with the future of the industry in mind,” said Gary McDowell, chair of the Michigan Craft Beverage Council. “MCBC’s Research Committee established timely research priorities, and the Council chose fitting and well-thought out proposals.”

The 2020 research priorities of the Council include: climate change impacts; crop quality including pest and disease management and soil health; water management and wastewater practices; market research; and new varieties for hops, fruit, barley, rye, and other agricultural inputs used in the craft beverage production.

Projects selected for 2020 research funding include:

At the close of the grant cycle, final reports will be posted to the Council’s website research database.. The new database is designed to contain research funded through the Michigan Craft Beverage Council and the former program, Michigan Grape & Wine Industry Council. Searchable by keyword, author, year, category and crop, the database is designed to make the research of the Council easily accessed by industry members.

For more information about the Michigan Craft Beverage Council, including grants, grower connections, business support and tourism opportunities, visit michigancraftbeverage.com.


The Michigan Craft Beverage Council is a 10-member, governor-appointed board that is advisory to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and was established to provide for research, marketing and promotion of Michigan agricultural products that are used in the production of Michigan craft beverages.

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